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16 september te zien in de tuin van Kruisstraat 17.

Hi, my name is Ruud Kerssies. Also known to some as Rsk Design. I’m a 24 year old fanatic painter. The greatness of a straight line, addicted on top. Being one of a kind is very important to me. It makes me challenge myself all the time in new skills, materials, technics and styles. It keeps me sharp and makes me motivated to go for more!

All of my works are made with a lot of dedication, patience and love for the craft. My work is open for spectators on the street but could be hanging in a gallery as well. The ability to make something personal and one of a kind makes the product way more valued. I’m always looking for new collaborations and ways to develop my skills. Always set the goals and standards high, “if we jump, we feel the freedom of being loose from earth”.


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